Pilates is a great way to start your day. Come and join me for an energising wake up session. I'll bring the mats, Caper and Cure will bring the coffee, you just bring yourself! (Price includes a drink)

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This is not a character...

...instead of learning lines, I've been learning some really long words (like sternocleidomastoid 🤓),  I've been using a side of brain i didn't know existed and now I'm ready to share my knowledge and skills with other people!

I love pilates. I started doing it five years ago because I had really bad posture and would often get a sore back. My first teacher Teri was amazing. She was honest, down to earth and taught each class with passion and in a way that made you feel it was just for you (Teri wherever you are bless you, you blonde bombshell).

Now it's my turn. I want to create an open space where all levels can join in, working at their own pace and to their own limits. We're all different so let's take that with us onto the mat and have some fun! 





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